badass kobald paladin of Asmodeus


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A kobold exiled from his kobold klan for refusing to worship and take orders like the other kobalds, he knew there is a way to get more power and could stand up for himself. He lived out his exile under the city hoarding trash and other shinies in the basement of a vacant house in the slums.

He joined the church that worships Azmodaus looking to have power that has never been achieved by a kobold and someday over power and threaten over all of the kobolds, and the other races that treated him as a power-less kobald.

After joining the church he joined with Rokaz and has realized that he is a devoted and very driven dwarf who seems capable of achieving his ambitious goals, and is basically the Jesus of Asmodeus. Svoki is giving his life to see him succeed and be a part of his goal and become a general in his army (and build a hoard that rivals the greatest dragons combined).


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