Churches of Overwatch

The People of Overwatch worship mainly in five churches which were formed in the city by a group of adventurers who crushed all signs of corruption and evil within Overwatch years ago. Since they’ve moved on, such things have returned, though the churches remain very close knit and central to the citizens of Overwatch.

Bahamut: “Law without goodness is tyranny, while goodness without law is irresponsible.” Bahamut’s church is most central to the Overwatch army. Paladins and clerics of Bahamut are required to serve in the military and are all army reserves. Outside of military service, many members of the church serve as judges and city guards. Services are primarily attended by city guards.

Erathis: “The walls of civilization guard all those loyal to them.” Erathis’ church is involved in expanding Overwatch and maintaining it. Members of the congregation are often carpenters, city planners, civil engineers and similar professions. Clergy and paladins often serve in the military.

Melora: “In nature, there are no rules. Only consequences.” Melora’s church is primarly dedicated to maintaining the natural beauty of Overwatch and the surrounding area. They maintain parks and green space within city limits, and oversee farming and logging in the surrounding area to ensure that it does not damage the environment. Many of the clergy live in the farmland around the city, bolstering the crops and limiting their impact on the environment.

Pelor: “In the light of the sun, all lies are laid bare.” Pelor’s congregation is quite common among the doctors and guards in Overwatch. Members of the clergy are required to work with the homeless and the terminally ill, and many choose to join the army or one of the many adventuring groups that stop in the city.

The Raven Queen: “In death, king and pauper are equal.” The God of Death, Fate and Winter. The Raven Queen has the smallest clergy and congregation in Overwatch, and is the only church that is located outside of High Hall. Primarily responsible for attending to the dead of Overwatch, the church is located in the Boneyard, away from the residential areas.

Churches of Overwatch

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