Mr and Mrs Mayor

Former worshippers of Mephistopheles, now turned to worship of Asmodeus.

Mr. Mayor is, as his “name” suggests, the leader of Creepytown, a small community a short distance from Overwatch. He is a human warlock who has bound a succubus to his soul, giving him access to its shapeshifting and mental domination abilities. He used these to implement his rise to power within the community, and to cement his rule over the civilians. Every member of the military and many other people within the town have been exposed to his domination ability many times through their lives, brainwashing them to be loyal exclusively to him.

Mrs. Mayor, his wife, supported her husband in his goal to take over Creepytown. When he bound his soul, she did so as well, chosing an assassin devil to better advance her own skills. However, the binding proved too much for her, and her personality was destroyed in the process. She still lives, but her memories from before the binding are fractured, and she displays no emotion. She exists as an obedient killer and nothing more. Mr. Mayor has spent years attempting to return her previous personality, to no avail.

Shortly before the party’s first meeting with Mr. Mayor, he recieved communications from Mephistopheles telling him of Asmodeus’ plans to create a new level of Hell, and that several mortals in the area of Overwatch had been selected to advance this goal. He was commanded to search for these chosen mortals, and to do everything in his power to learn what they knew and foil their plans. Mephistopheles planned to usurp Asmodeus’ plan, and Mr. Mayor would be the one to spark this off.

It did not take long for Mr. Mayor to identify the party as the chosen mortals after meeting them. Using his contacts within the Overwatch underground, Mr. Mayor was able to discover their allegiance to Asmodeus, and Ro’kahz had the drive and passion that would make him an ideal choice for such an undertaking. Using the prophetic powers of a divine oracle to Ioun that he had managed to capture, Mr. Mayor was able to track nearly all the movement of the party, as well as many actions they had taken in the past. Mrs. Mayor infiltrated Overwatch and began tracking and disrupting the allies the party had there, while a succubus impersonated the oracle within Overwatch to turn the town against the party.

As he carried out his plans however, Mr. Mayor soon realized that Mephistopheles would have no use for him if his goal to turn the world into a new level of Hell was realized. The Archdevil would not allow any others, even a loyal servent, to rule in his stead. Mr. Mayor and his wife would be cast aside, probably killed. This revelation sparked the seeds of rebellion, and Mr. Mayor opened channels to negotiate with the party. He devoted himself to their cause, and pledged his allegiance to Asmodeus.

He believes that Asmodeus will turn on the party after they complete their goal, but he trusts in them to hold onto their layer of Hell, and that they will not betray him along the way. He also hopes that when this goal is achieved, a way may be found to return his wife to who she was before the binding.

Mr and Mrs Mayor

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