Population: 2,000

Government: The Council of Overwatch

Overwatch is one of the southernmost city in The Finnarch Kingdom. It was settled just over 60 years ago as part of the expansion of the kingdom.

Due to its presence so far from most of the major power centers, little attention is payed to what happens to Overwatch and the surrounding area. For the first few decades after its settlement and during its expansion, lawlessness ran rampent. Adventurers and criminals shared the city and controlled much of its infrastructure. Twelve years ago however, a group of adventurers calling themselves The King’s Castle stepped in at the bidding of the newly appointed Baron of the area and cleaned up Overwatch. The major criminal activity was shut down, their leaders scattered, arrested or killed.

Overwatch settled down again for years, while The King’s Castle stayed nearby, dealing with monsters in the wilderness and keeping an eye on the remaining criminals. The five aligned churches were founded during this time, due to the religious beliefs of several of the adventuring crew.

Only a year ago, the group decided to move on, having cleared out all the serious dangers in the nearby wilderness and confident that the local law enforcement could handle anything else that came up.


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