Notable Locations:
Serintariel (city)

Notable People:
King Tamriel
Queen-Consort Eliana
Crown Prince Darian
Prince Loran
Princess Arianna

The kingdom of Serintariel is a somewhat small nation located a little to the west of Finnarch, and has been a relatively close ally to Finarch for several generations, mostly for most kingdoms’ mutual protection. While small, Serintariel is relatively wealthy, mostly due to being on a few vital trade routes, and a few natural resources that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Serintariel’s terrain can be split up into two main parts- fields and woodland. There is roughly a half-half split between the two, with the fields being to the north and west, and the woods to the south and east. The kingdom also has coastline to the north. The capital city lies at the border between fields, water and forest, and is also named Serintariel- as such, most natives of the kingdom just refer to it as ‘the City’.

Serintariel was founded about 600 years ago, by two tribes of people- the human tribes on the Tariel plains and the elves of the Serin forests first banded together for mutual protection against marauding orcs. At first, this alliance was strictly one of convenience, with neither side sharing much except a common enemy. However, as time went by, the two races started intermingling. Not completely, but humans spent time among the elves, and elves spent time among the humans. The town of Serintariel, built as a go-between and defensive point, was first lead by a co-operative effort between the two… then a Half-Elf named Darian was put in charge. The turning point that made the alliance into a kingdom was shortly after this, when Darian lead the two tribes to victory against an invading orc warlord. In the aftermath, a decision was made. The two became united under a single banner, and Darian was crowned the first king of Serintariel.

Serintariel has not grown significantly since, being content to keep to the lands their ancestors once fought and died for. In the wake of several wars, it allied with Finnarch approximately 400 years ago, an alliance that has stood ever since.

Serintariel is one of the most religiously diverse nations on the continent, with almost every non-malevolent god having a temple in the capital city. The ruling family has a particular bond with the church of Bahamut, and they tend to send at least one child each generation for training there- as either a Paladin or a Cleric. In most cases, these children come back to serve their nation after their training is complete. Corellon is also worshipped, particuarly by the Elven communities, and worshipers of Pelor are also often found in the plains. Bahamut is often seen as the ‘bridge’ between the two cultures.


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