The Finnarch Kingdom

Notable Cities:
Ituska Capital

Notable People:
King Danaga
Queen Sayest
Crown Prince Adon

The kingdom of Finnarch is the southernmost major power on the contenant, as well as one of the largest. It is located central to the other major powers. Due to its location, it has been involved heavily in peacekeeping negotiations with the other nations, as well as expansions into the southern wilderness. Every few years another military expedition clears a new section of wilderness and a new city or fortress is built. This has allowed Finnarch to constantly expand, while maintaining close ties with the neighbouring powers. Finnarch hasn’t been involved in a true war in at least 200 years, and its army is primarily used for peacekeeping missions and expansion into the wilderness.

Finnarch is primarily dominated by lightly forested plains. Much of the inner countryside is farmland, making food a popular export. It borders several other nations along every border except its south, where it borders with the wilderness. Further north it is more heavily forested. The capital city is located in the north, and is known as Ituska.

Finnarch was founded 750 years ago, though it has gone through a few changes in power and government in that time. It was originally a human nation, formed out of several barbarian tribes that united together in the face of orc invasions. Settling into what later became the capital city, they slowely began to expand. As the other major powers began collecting, Finnarch found itself in the center of a growing conflict. Aligning themselves with several bordering nations, they became an unusual power in many of the wars breaking out, as their carefully arranged alligiances allowed them to influence actions among all the major powers.

The nation survived the ensuing conflict, outlasting all of their enemies and with many friends left. For the past 300 years, it has primarily acted as a peacekeeping force, preventing wars between other nearby countries and expanding into the southern wilderness.

Its current population is primarily human, with a fair number of dwarves and elves.

Finnarch has few laws against religious worship, and temples to many dieties can be found in most cities about the country. Melora tends to be popular in the farm heavy central regions, while Bahamut, Pelor and Kord are often popular along the southern reaches.

The Finnarch Kingdom

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